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Hey Gap! Crowd Sourcing Is No Way to Design a Logo.

That’s right. I said it. Sure I love social media. Consumer interaction with brands is at an all-time high and its only getting deeper.  BUT, decision by committee stinks. It always takes longer to make decisions and almost always results in playing it safe.


Many have been questioning GAP's approach for designing a new logo.


GAP is creating a new logo because they are trying to address some very important marketing objectives. Marketing is about strategy. Strategy is about sacrifice. If you’ve read some of the recent news on their logo development, you noticed consumers have been tearing it apart. Of course now GAP is acting like its part of their plan. Yes, they were going to crowdsource it all along (yeah right).

I’ve led the charge in the development of close to 100 logos in my life. Some have been great. Some have been good. Some have been boring. Every time I had to cater to a committee it led to the boring logos. Every time. Why? It’s a creative exercise. The very nature of creativity is subjective. Of course not everyone is gonna like it. If they did I would question the strength and boldness of the work. Great creativity is bold. It can inspire. It can make people ask questions. It can make people think differently than they did before (I bet this is something very important to GAP in recent years). How often have you seen a new marketing message and first thought, “what the heck is that all about”? How often did that same quirky message get stuck in your head? Sure some marketers do dumb things and make bad decisions. But some are successful because they are different.

Crowd sourcing is a great way to gather input to generate ideas and to hear unfiltered feedback. Love it. Gonna do it when appropriate for my clients. But not for making creative decisions.

Please GAP, you pay some strong salaries and spend money on a lot of research to help give you the insights you need to make smart marketing decisions. Don’t open this to a giant super committee.