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My favorite personal brand – Daddy!

We all try to position ourselves as a personal brand. Whether we want to be known as a marketing strategist, a social media expert, a pastor, a though-leader, a writer, a banker, a baker or a candlestick maker. Especially with the hub-bub around social media groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, everyone is constantly trying to make a name for themselves in some area of expertise.

Here’s a charge to all fathers out there. Make your brand, Daddy, your highest priority!

Ever notice when men gather together, especially in a professional environment, they are always sizing each other up? Usually the first question is something such as, “what do you do?”, or “tell me a little about yourself”.

If you want to make the conversation stop immediately try answering this way – “I’m a Daddy. During my week days I am also an online marketing strategist.” Revel in their surprise. Say it with pride. Heck, it might even make their conversation with you more memorable.

I love being a Dad. It’s an awesome responsibility and the most fulfilling role I’ve ever had to serve. It’s not easy. Being the Dad I want to be requires a conscious plan for building the young men I want my boys to become. Yes, they absolutely follow their fathers footsteps. Good and bad. The personal brand Daddy is not going to happen by accident. It requires a lot of effort (like the shaping of any other brand).

Life speaker and pastor Dr. David Foster said, “Anyone can be a father; it takes a manly man to be a daddy!”

Right on Dr. Dave!

Happy Father’s Day to all you Daddy’s!