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One Easy Tip for Evaluating Super Bowl Commercials

The Super Bowl. So many eyeballs. So many expectations.

The single biggest sporting event of the year is upon us. That’s right. Super Bowl advertising viewing. Masked as “commercial breaks” throughout the little football game, Super Bowl advertising is an event in and of itself. Even better, I love it. I’m an ad geek. I chose it as a profession. I love branding. I love big ideas. Basically, the Super Bowl is one of my favorite days of the year.

So as you watch the big game, this is my one BIG tip for measuring the effectiveness of the commercials. Remember, the Super Bowl is watched in a manner unlike any other day of the year. It’s a result of the “on the edge of your seat” attention we give the commercials and the crazy hype that precedes the event. So here’s the question to ask yourself after viewing each spot.

Do you feel rewarded?

Do you connect the punchline or payoff with a real need? Do you smile without thinking? Do you want to cry? Do you say out loud, “awwwww” or “that is awesome”? Basically, do you feel like a little bitty bit of you is better because you saw the commercial? Is that a strong thing to ask of one commercial? Ordinarily yes, but for this stage, not at all.

Nashville-based Bridgestone North America will be airing a Super Bowl commercial again. In fact, they are major corporate sponsors that seem to have figured it out (since this is their 5th year in a row for being a major player in the Super Bowl I think they have determined it is well worth it). Check out the news piece below on what they are doing.

Story on Super Bowl Commmercials by John Dwyer at WKRN

For more viewing fun, here are some things to look for in case you are interested in playing Super Bowl commercial bingo:

Celebrities – This year’s biggest trend may be the renewed effort to include celebrities. But are they cheap attention? Look for lots of B-listers, has-beens and retired athletes.

Animals (especially dogs)  – By the way dogs outperform celebrities in past year’s ad success. Monkey, chimps and elephants always seem to show up too. Sometimes they even talk. That’s worth double points.

Sex – Sex still sells. GoDaddy exploits this more than anyone.

Mild injuries – Everyone loves a good groin shot (except the recipient). People getting injured is popular.

Babies – The Super Bowl has always had a strong use of talking babies.

Have fun on super Sunday. Be sure to check out USA Today’s Super Bowl Ad Meter. I will be watching like the ad geek I am. Big screen. Computer open so I can make notes on each commercial. iPad on Twitter. That’s right. That’s the way I roll.


The Nashville Creative Scene Rocks

Nashville. Music City. No doubt known for its amazing music industry talents. But are you aware how much this same creative vibe penetrates the local marketing & commercial design scene?  I was hanging at an annual AAF Nashville awards event recently and looked around the room at the various suspects that have created some pretty stellar advertising and marketing success stories.  Here’s a random list of cool stuff that has come from the creative juices of Music City –

1. The sound design of the Budweiser frogs. Yep. Bud. Wise. Errrrr…. came from here.

2. The Cracker Barrel logo was designed by Bill Holley of The Buntin Group. That mark has become simply Iconic.

3. This year’s Silver medalist recipient was Thomas Ferrell, co-creator of the comedic character Ernest P. Worrell and his sidekick Vern.  After thousands of commercials, the actor & his character went on to do several Ernest movies (know whatta mean Vern?).

4. Hatch Show print, one of America’s oldest working letterpress shops and creator of the famous posters people have seen all over the world for such legendary artists as Elvis, Hank Williams and Johnny Cash.

5. The AAF Student Addy Awards is America’s largest creative showcase of aspiring student ad dudes and dudettes. More national winners came out of Nashville than anywhere else in the country. Too cool. We’re #1. Yeah baby.

6. Super Bowl advertising is as big as it gets. Not only did the Bud Frogs launch with the Super Bowl, but recent big winners have been Bridgestone tires. Yep, they’re based right here in Nashville. Score.

7. The Flood. The Nashville creative community came out in full-force to do their share in the efforts of cleaning up and rasing money for recovery. Series of posters from artists all over Nashville were created in impressive numbers.  Check it out- Advocate Marketing & Print

There are more. Local agencies are continuing to bring in talent from national shops. Headquarters of major marketers such as Nissan are starting to flock to Nashville. Why? We ooze creative talent. After all, isn’t advertising and marketing just telling a story. And no one tells stories better than Music City.

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Like This!

Beer Marketers Need to Give Men More Credit

Okay. We get the joke. There are a lot of guys that do dumb things when they drink. They are brainless cave-men not capable of having any class.

Are you tired of seeing beers ads portray men in this way? I am. Another year of Super Bowl ads brings on another year of this same old song and dance. Give me a break.

Here’s a great post from Talent Zoo about this very topic. I applaud their stance and share their frustration. Super-Bowls-Guy-Moron-Has-Had-Enough-to-Drink

The joke is old. Move on. Someone please appeal to guys in a manner that shows they are capable of thinking like men of character. Dos Equis does a great job of this. I hope they’re reaping the benefits. I’ll drink to that.